Persuasive Thesis

What can be a good persuasive thesis topic? We can help you find out

If you can zone in on a topic that that is persuasive and convincing, you have really hit the jackpot! It is quite difficult to find a platform to present your persuasive writing skills. Finding a good persuasive topic is half the job done. We would like to make this easy by presenting some good examples. Take a look at the topics that we could suggest to you when you have a persuasive thesis to work on.

Is there any other way we can help you out?

Certainly! There are quite a few things that can do to ensure that your persuasive thesis is good. Choosing topics is just one of the jobs we do. We could also give you some ideas to make an outline and help you search for the right kind of data to put into your writing. Once you are through with the writing; you could talk to us about the proofreading and editing of the whole work. You are going to be quite surprised at the speed at which writers send your completed work.

Some persuasive topics to write a thesis on

  • The use of school uniforms – here you could present arguments that are in favor of using school uniforms. You could mention how uniforms try to bring in a sense of equality and oneness among those who wear it. You could also talk about how discipline issues are easier to deal with when students are in uniform.

  • Prochoice issues in abortion – here you need to be quite careful. This is because you would be going against what certain religious sects are against. It is against the Catholic religion to opt for abortion. So, if you are making a case that goes against this belief, it is necessary to be quite sensitive to the feelings of those who might have other views.

  • Research in stem cell technology – this is another issue that is quite debatable because of the ethical issues involved. On the one hand it is the best way to treat diseases that are virtually incurable. On the other hand, you could be taking the question of creating life into your own hands. Finding the right perspective is important when you have this kind of a contentious topic to focus on.

  • Mercy killing – this is one topic that seems to be getting religious sects, medical practitioners and all sorts of other people into one hell of a tizzy. You could present a very persuasive argument either for or against the idea of mercy killing or euthanasia as it is otherwise known.

Whatever your persuasive thesis topic may be, make sure that you are able to present your statements and paragraphs well. Wording the thesis paragraph in the right way could be the first challenge you meet. You also need to understand that the strength of any academic thesis is based on sources that you bring in. We can help you with senior thesis topics or any other kind of theses that you tell us about.

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