How to Write Literature Review?

Every well-written dissertation or term paper consists of certain chapters like thesis statement, literature review, abstract or methodology section. Every section has its own purpose and requirements and every student has to take them into consideration for the purpose of writing outstanding academic assignment.

What do you know about literature reviews?

The main purpose of literature review section is to provide your audience evidence that you have read and have a good grasp of the most important publications concerning the particular topic. In fact, well-written literature review can serve as a separate scientific paper or one of the introductory sections of the research paper. You should take into consideration that it is unacceptable to present your literature review as a collection of summaries of the works cited in your paper. Literature review is a scrutinous discussion that provides insight of different approaches and theories of the same research issue. It is a combination and analysis of published solid works closely connected with your research.

Essentials of literature review structure

First and foremost, you should identify the main aspects of well-written literature review and thus determinate essential points of the structure of this section. According to the purpose of this portion of research paper, literature review should:

  • Select and compare different opinions concerning the chosen research issue
  • Group authors who have the same conclusions and separate areas in which authors are in disagreement
  • Show how your paper relates to the previous studies of h research issue and what contribution it makes to the particular field and subject of interest
  • Lay emphasis on the characteristical studies and highlight lacunes in research
  • In fact, literature review structure is founded on the requirements of your thesis of paper or particular field of study. As far as this section is not a simple recitation of published data concerning your topic, you have to base your literature review on the discussion of common and contradictory points of the published materials concerning your topic.
  • First and foremost, you have to select information concerning your topic. Bring into notice that it is necessary to choose information from the most relevant and reliable resources.
  • Make a thorough analysis of the chosen information.
  • There are two ways of arranging your literature review: chronological pattern (here you should group and discuss the articles in order of their publication) and thematic (it is necessary to discuss sources according to the topics they cover)

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