Frederick Jackson Turner thesis

Frederick Jackson Turner thesis – a study in adaptability

The Frederick Jackson Turner thesis would be one of the most important papers that you do as a student of American History. In fact, Turner’s work is considered to be a seminal study on the evolution of what we know as present day America. His singular view on how the people of this great nation emerged over a period of time indicates the incredible spirit of man to overcome dangers that he encountered, in imaginable form.

Turner’s essay

If you want to understand the slow but determined progress of America’s first settlers; you must read The Significance of the Frontier in American History. It is one of the most influential and by far the most important contribution of Turner. It explains how the early settlers pushed on and established or rather expanded the American frontier. In doing so, they covered more ground and became resolute survivors of a very hostile terrain. Pushing the frontiers westward showed that the early Americans who came from the distant lands in Europe were single-minded in their goal of establishing settlements. These were men, many of who had left behind families to scout for better opportunities in a new and unknown territory.

What you can include in your thesis

If you are keen on writing a Frederick Jackson Turner thesis, it is essential that you first read through the complete essay and understand the message that Turner conveys. Then you can think of these points that could make your thesis more meaningful-

  • Think of the ideas of continuity and development and how the early settlers tried to replicate the lives that they had left behind.
  • The different frontiers that presented themselves to the settlers, each with their unique level of difficulty and harshness.
  • The way in which these early Americans tried their best to transport their ideologies, religious practices and ways of living to a land they had never seen.
  • The frontier in relation to the Red Indians or Native Americans as they are also known. Here, you can refer to the ways in which hostility has now given place to acceptance and respect.
  • The whole essay is a piece in social evolution; the progression of a group of people that eventually covered a vast expanse of land.
  • If necessary, you could include the names and contributions of writers who have based their theories of American life and progress on Turner’s essay.

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