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Learn about citations in an MLA Format Thesis

If you are keen on writing an MLA format thesis, you need to be fully aware of all the rules and regulations that are incorporated in the guidelines of the MLA. The MLA or the Modern Language Association is keen on ensuring easy readability and correct presentation in any scholarly work in subjects that are part of the Humanities wing. English Language, History, Art and Law are some of the most widely studied subjects in the Humanities division. Get to know more about theses for the Humanities as well as other disciplines at our site,

General formatting rules for an MLA thesis

  • All the margins have to be set at one inch – this is to be present on all pages of the thesis

  • Using the 12 point font is ideal in an MLA style paper or thesis. You could use Times New Roman or Arial – these are fonts that are simple and accepted by most educational institutions

  • The spacing has to be double right through. Please also remember that you should not change the spacing when you have long subheadings too.

  • Do not use capital or block letters or underlines when you put in the subheadings.

  • You could use the Header and Footer option on MS Word when you are preparing your thesis. This could be the best way to insert page numbers and ensure that the sequence is not broken anywhere.

Formatting rules regarding title

If you are writing an MLA format thesis, remember that there is no title page. In fact, this is not part of the MLA citation style or format. Instead, you have what is commonly known as the title block. This is has to be placed on the first page of the thesis in the center of the page. In case it is a long title, which is about 15 to 18 words, you could write it in two lines. This again should be double spaced. Many colleges ask students to present it in bold letters. The first alphabet of most words is in capitals. Only words such as: of, and, with etc, are in small letters.

How we can help format MLA papers

There are a lot of other rules that govern the formatting of a thesis in the MLA style. If you are planning to do a Literature paper or a thesis, you would do well to use the MLA format. For instance, working on a Macbeth thesis is a good example in English Literature. Here, you need to remember the rules of formatting so that yours is an effective thesis. Rules regarding the in-text citations and bibliographies might sound a bit confusing; with the help of our experts, even this becomes quite easy. You will find that writing a good thesis is more than just possible when you are associated with

A good MLA format thesis can give you grades that are impressive; you could be the envy of quite a few people. Take time to understand the whole idea before you proceed.

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